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The Waiting Game

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I drive away from UVM, it is a gorgeous afternoon. Yikes my boob is starting to sting! (Before we go any further I just have to point out that I am normally a very shy, private person about my body- and this is a big stretch for me to have to be open and chatty about one of the more private parts of my body 不不. Hmmm is their a lesson here universe )

They did say to lay low for a day or two. I also have to say how amazing the surgeon and sion to be surgeon were! We are so lucky to have such amazing healthcare here in VT!!

As I pull into Stowe the town in full of hussle and bustle. Lots of traffic, people walking all over Main Street, Cady Hill is packed with psyched bikers. It is going to be a gorgeous weekend. As the sun shone through the windows and hit my face I made the decision that minute that Im going to focus on the present and have the best weekend I can. I put on some Bob Marley and thats what I did! I hung with my fam, went to Hugos baseball and soccer games, I rode bikes, I walked with friends, BBQ some delicious food, drank lattes, listened to music on the porch in the late day sun and had a cocktail with Igor. I love when I get to filI so many heart filled things in a weekend.

When I moved to Stowe almost 20 years ago I worked and lived at the Mt. Mansfield Winter Academy dorm that winter I became very close with Wells & Syd. Katie was Syds best friend from home and she would come and visit frequently. She ended up moving here that next fall. We all became fast friends living together for many years and seeing each other through all lives good and bad. We coined ourselves sex in the country as a spoof of sex in the city and would laugh about which characters we were. These girls besides our normal dinners or walks have seen me through every injury, kids, marriage ups and downs- they are the Stowe rocks in my life. They came over on Sunday with treats to cheer up Sofija. Flowers, balloons, magazines, nail polish, candy. As they were heading out I walked with them out to the driveway and filled them in. Its crazy how when you talk about something emotionally triggering it makes your body shiver. It was humid in the mid 90s and I was shaking. They all gave me hugs and assured me they are here for me and they would be checking in later in the week to see what happened.

There was something about Sunday night that made it all sink back in oh right Im just days away from finding out that my life might get thrown a BIG curveball. I knew it was still days before I could possibly know whats going on but oh those Sunday nights.

It was the kids last week of school so the excitement and energy was high in the house. Sofi was feeling a little better but she had an appointment anyway so she stayed home. My bouncy boy Hugo was just non-stop chatter sharing all his weeks excitement of whats lined up for the last week. The day flies by.

That evening I was cooking dinner while Igor was off picking up Hugo from soccer. Its after 5pm. I look down at my phone and I see a missed call from UVM. I also have to say that my phone is soooooooooo annoyingly annoying! It is very selective on which calls it decides to ring through. Its very, very strange. Any ways I go out on the porch and try to call back. It goes to the switchboard. Hmmm since its after hours I know that no one will get back to me. I let it go. Minutes later I see that my primary care doctor is calling me. That was the moment I knew. We have know each other a long time I answer it before saying hello I just say, I have cancer dont I? We both stay silent for a moment. Mich I am so sorry you are going through this, in fact going through so much this week with Sofija too. Im here for you guys whatever you need. We talk for awhile about a lot of things. Im so grateful to have such a caring family doctor 領歹. She assures me the surgeon will call tomorrow and Ill have even more details and info. I hang up the phone and lean against the railing. Put my head down and tears just stream down my face

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